Monolite by Simona Ghizzoni and Davide Livermore combines the experience of drinking a coffee or a simple glass of water with a photographic journey, transforming the machine itself into a digital art exhibition.
Monolite is covered by backlit glass which enhances the photographs taken by Simona in the nature reserve of Tevere-Farfa, while augmented reality technology brings certain elements of the photos to vibrant life, providing your eyes and mind with a well-deserved break. Accompanied by a delicious coffee, of course.
“Together with Rhea and Davide Livermore, we created Monolite to transform that brief moment while you wait for your coffee into an interactive experience, invited by photography to reflect on the environment while enjoying an immersive journey into nature. It’s exciting to share this unlikely union of creativity, contemplation, and the simple ritual of drinking a coffee”.
Simona Ghizzoni


The creation of this machine is rooted in the concept of sustainability, and takes shape through the art of photography. Davide Livermore and Simona Ghizzoni create an immersive experience into nature, throughout the realization of the Monolite machine.